Wednesday, July 8, 2015

“Lupine Lullabye” by Jung Yoon

The Korean artist Jung Yoon’s exquisite painting “Lupine Lullabye” has recently been stretched and framed for display at the J.R. Mooney Gallery, Boerne.   

Yoon’s "Lupine Lullabye" delivers to the viewer a carefully rendered execution of an idyllic forest scene that radiates with peace. The graceful elements from the lyrical placement of the elegant birch trees and their mirror reflection in the water are balanced by the lush grasses and vibrant sky. Nature reigns supreme through the eyes of Yoon.  

 The foremost element that strikes the viewer is the vivid use of color which contrasts with the delicate mood in the scene, an example of Yoon’s aspiration to capture, “the subtle intensity of nature.” Golden leaves of the birch trees catch the radiant sunlight light and glow. The pale cerulean sky is an effulgent backdrop to this vibrant scene of life. Warm earth tones in the reflection in the water complement the verdant trees on the opposite bank, leading the eye around the composition.

This halcyon environment is not necessarily an actual location in our world, but a place conjured up by Yoon’s gestural brushstrokes as he evokes a pure state of being that nature can redeem in the conscience of humanity, that has been artificially cut off from its realm.

Excerpt from Online Art Catalog, Jung Yoon, Contemporary Landscape Paintings

©   Katherine Shevchenko, Art Consultant J.R. Mooney Gallery, Boerne TX

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