Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A generic gestalt of tranquility from Richard Riverin

Le Ruisseau
Richard Riverin
30” x 24”

J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art
San Antonio, Texas

A serene sky of cerulean stratums create a tiered arrangement of artist-invented blues and whites. The two houses are so plain in structure that they elude to an artist memory more than an actuality, each one with its own simplified tree. Riverin cares more for the impressionistic qualities of the setting natural light and dominate shadows blanketing the opposing walls of these residences. He completes this trademark landscape with picturesque buildings, but names the painting for the stream that trickles in through the lower half of the painting. 

 Several strong horizontal linear elements act as visual steps as we are led from horizon to riverbank to opposing shore and down to the foreground; all painted with repetitive palette knife swatches that compliment the levelness of the composition with their hard edged impasto ridges. Accents of a patented crimson color compose the brush, the only evidence of a turning season. 

Gleaming with a generic gestalt, Le Ruisseau succeeds as a straightforward and generalized account of ones man’s artistic vision.

© Gabriel Diego Delgado

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