Monday, March 11, 2013

Texas Hill Country Revisited

Cliff Cavin
Texas Wildflowers”
22” x 30”

Texas Wildflowers”, a simplistic but elegantly painted hill country scene is a new painting by San Antonio landscape painter, Cliff Cavin.  Although the title declares the painting should be about the broad expanse of the flower blooms; the Indian Paintbrushes, Bluebonnets, and such- the tree line steals the spotlight. I am not talking about the overpowering Oak that you might think, but the creeping silently and gangly small twig-like narrow saplings off to the left that divvy for our attention--like some outstretched alien finger; unidentifiable but curiously inviting.

Pictorially, Cavin angles the composition upward to the right side of the canvas; an unusual pictorial angle that accents the shape of Mother Nature’s irregular rows of wind dispersed flowers. Orange, Blue, Green, and White gently roll with blooming abundance as each distinct hue bears witness to the ever resilient Texas Hill Country. However, wallowing in the field of undisturbed meadow, there is an oddly pronounced large patch of chartreuse blooms.  This oasis of vivid greenery holds the field stable and in view, like a horticultural anchor, keeping our eye from wandering off the picture plane.  Shallow shades fill the mid-ground as we assess the midday sunlight. Profiled against the dark shrubbery are pockets of extended stems that hold some flowers high above others, extending out into the warmness of the day.

©Gabriel Diego Delgado
JR Mooney Galleries

Texas Wildflowers” and many other paintings by Cliff Cavin are available for purchase at:

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