Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back to Texas from New York ArtExpo 2013

...New York ArtExpo 2013 was a success. Mr. Mooney of J.R. Mooney Galleries was impressed with all the vendors, the products available and the quality of the fine art for purchase. 

 Now, J.R. Mooney Galleries is proud to announce the availability of 5 new small paintings by internationally acclaimed Impressionistic painter, X. Song Jiang. 

--X. Jiang won the 2012 Gold Medal Award funded by the Oil Painters of America and the National Juried Exhibition Association Signature Division. 

***One of the new paintings available by X. Jiang for sale at J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art is:

X. Song Jiang
Oil on panel
8” x 10”
 Call 210.828.8214 for pricing

A rocky buttress juts forth leading the viewer into the abyss of watery loneliness.  A central element in the figure/ground relationship, the seemingly abstract micro-levee is speckled with crops of hatched-in vegetation and water grasses. This angled outcropping of light colored earth tones abruptly ends at a buoyant but eerily still flatboat canoe.  The solo manmade component is reflecting an impressionistic rendition of itself in the cerulean tones below, a watery and mirrored doppelganger void of the same personification as seen in the desolate dinghy.  Heavily accentuated and contrasting shadows made by the setting sun add a much needed breath of richness to the lifeless vessel; an important element that acts as a connection point from the pier to the various strata of tree-lined reflections and bands of monotone viridian horizon lines.

Placed in the upper eight of the overall picture, these strong parallel delineations rise from the lower right, upside-down reflections to the yellow ochre autumn foliage which gleams in its seasonal beauty to darkened emulations of coniferous canopy. The escalating rhythm is broken by a dominantly impasto-esque shoreline of knee high grasses, a horizontal base for the majestic treetops of the Canadian wilderness; back-dropped by the lilac brume of mountainous ambiguity.   A bleached-out sky overcast with heavy atmospheric wintery gloom pushes down on this fleeting light with threats of snow and artic temperament.

© Gabriel Diego Delgado

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