Monday, March 11, 2013

Nostalgia for All Country Time Lovers

Arthur McCall
Acrylic on panel

-In the backwoods of a scenic schmaltz lives Arthur McCall’s signatory world of Country Time aesthetic- memories of a rustic longing.  He revels in the days of wind pumps, water wells and simple living. He illustrates a sense of trouble-free days, ones on which you cannot help but stop and watch the quail feed on the scattered underbrush.

“November” is a 24” x 18” acrylic on panel that holds true to McCall’s self proclaimed purity of stoic sentimentality.

Systematically arranged by structural size, each constructional element increases in size from left to right. The shed bookended on the left side of the panel lines up against the gawky and naked tree which is countered by the crumbling fa├žade of a rusting water tower- an abandoned architectural epitaph contrasted by the slender architectural lines of the elongated wind pump.

The circular water well is nestled in the middle of the composition, stained with corrosion dripping down to the parched soil. Semi-arid and hazy, the landscape seems to breathe dust while wearing a speckled skin of sagebrush and cactus.

Upon closer inspection, one can see a repeated shape in the barren landscape. Notice the shape of the middle fowl; wing down and slender body angled. Now compare with that with the contour of the vegetation-less area housing the feathered flights- visualize the outline of a downward wing, body, and beak.

Compositionally complete, the foreground, middle ground, background and horizon match up perfectly. The center line evenly divides the viewing in half with one being the ground and other the sky. Plain in its effectiveness McCall successfully alienates technology in this autumn landscape.

© Gabriel Diego Delgado
J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art

“November” is available for purchase at J.R. Mooney Galleries- $995.00 (canvas only).

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