Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ballroom Blitz

Christian Jereczek
Born: Berlin, Germany on November 7, 1935

      Artist Christian Jereczek’s journey as an artist began when he started training as a stone mason after World War II.  Artistic talent was apparent in young Jereczek during his masonry career which prompted him to study sculpture at the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts.  During his studies he began to transition to painting in oils, while under the mentorship of renowned artists Professors Werner Seipel and Barum-Sekret in Frankfurt.  Travels and study throughout Europe fueled his artistic inspiration for his opulent paintings which encompass many genres.  His lavish ballroom and dancing scenes are alive with color, movement and active built up applications of paint that are is a hallmark of his signature style.  He still enjoys expressing his creativity in his sculptural works. Currently he lives in Munich, Germany.  

Above painting available for sale through J.R. Mooney Galleries of Fine Art
Call 830-816-5106 for pricing details

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