Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ludwig Gschossmann

Ludwig Gschossmann
Born: Munich, Circa 1894
Died: Tegernesee, 1988

     Ludwig Gschossmann was known for his operatic ballroom scenes, landscapes and genre paintings that were done in an impressionistic style with understated elegant loose brush strokes and accents of vivid colors. He was born in either Strasbourg or Munich.  Various sources have recorded his birth year ranging from 1894, 1901, and 1913-1914.  Unfortunately, there are no official Munich birth records to document his actual birth place and year.

  Having spent his formative years in Wachau he went and studied to be a stage designer at art schools in Hamburg, L├╝beck, and Augsberg.  He studied at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, where his painting technique was academic during his early work, but became much looser as his artistic style matured.  His art was deeply influence by Otto Pippel, one of Germany’s most noted impressionist artists.

     He lived the majority of his life in Tegernsee, an idyllic town located on a lake shore nestled amid the Bavaria Alps, where he passed away in 1988.   

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