Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Hawk and Artist, Aldo Luongo

Aldo Luongo  and “The Hawk”

J.R. Mooney Galleries, Boerne is proud to present three new giclées by Argentinean artist Aldo Luongo.  All three feature the white wiry haired character known as “The Hawk,” who was created in tribute to his father, Rafael Luongo’s memory, who passed away sometime in the 1970’s. 

The artist and his own father had a strained relationship while he was alive, which might have led to some unresolved issues needing to be addressed and hence the necessity of the conception of “The Hawk.”  His father’s most iconic and defining traits were the impetus to breathe life into this character upon the canvas. He is also an envisioning of what his father would have been like had he been able to live out his remaining years into his seventies and beyond. 

Over time, “The Hawk” started to epitomize more of an ideal character, a man that is charismatic, jovial and living the life well lived, and eventually becoming Luongo’s own design of how he would like to be.  In Luongo’s own words, “he has only 10 or 15 minutes left on the clock of life…but he’s living life to the fullest and going out in style…I want to be like him in my twilight years.” 

“The Hawk” serves as a reminder in the artist’s paintings to enjoy all of life’s pleasures, as they are fleeting.  The Hawk usually dominates the picture plane and is the focal point of the composition; wherever he is, he is usually displaying a vivacious grin and is rarely without a glass of spirits in his hand.  He is living on his own terms and beckoning the viewer to do so as well.     

Each reproduction immaculately exhibits Luongo’s masterful use of gestural brushwork and shows why he has been a successful award winning artist for four decades.  He is the consummate modern day Post-Impressionist whose career has been punctuated with splendid highlights and notable distinctions.  He has had the luminous esteem of being an official artist for the World Cup Games and Olympics for Summer 1988, Summer 1996, and Winter 2002.  

The White House has commissioned him twice to paint wooden eggs for their official Easter Egg Hunt; these creations eventually became part of the Smithsonian Institute’s permanent collection.  While his originals may demand upwards to tens of thousands of dollars; these high quality giclée reproductions are an accessible opportunity for the collector to acquire some of Luongo’s artistry.   


-©Katherine Shevchenko Art Consultant/Framing Designer, Boerne

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