Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Art Consultant Spotlight: “Where You Learn to Drive, Man?” F. L. “Doc” Spellmon

F.L. "Doc" Spellmon "Where Did You Learn to Drive, Man?" Mixed Media, 20" x 30"

 F. L. “Doc” Spellmon’s psychedelic mixed media shows rocket ship planes flying over San Antonio among several celestial bodies. The piece is playful and bright, but there is also a deeper context to the work that goes beyond the glitter and vibrant colors. Although some consider him to be an Outsider artist, Spellmon was well educated in the arts and was a teacher as well as a member of the United States Air Force employed in their art program for several years.  Many of his themes depict the historical lives of African Americans living in rural conditions. However, Spellmon was also interested in contemporary themes such as the Civil Rights Movement and, as is the case in this piece, the Space Race. Spellmon’s rocket ships hurling through the night sky reflects the same passion, romance and excitement that imbibed and fueled space exploration in the 1960’s. These rocket ships flying through the night also stand for hope for a different type of future. This is especially significant coming from an African American artist who grew up in the rural South during Jim Crow and Segregation and who spent much of his artistic career commenting on the social situation. The gold ship hurtles almost off the canvas towards the infinite and the viewer has to wonder who is driving and where are they going.

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