Friday, November 27, 2015

Framing Consultant Spotlight: "A Frame at the Water's Edge"

Selecting the right frame for a piece of artwork can be a challenge. It is important to find the right materials and framing design to compliment the work and to understand how it relates to it. A frame is a design element itself and there are several aspects to consider.

 “The Water’s Edge” by J. Yoon is a large and colorful oil painting that shows a floral landscape meeting a pond. It is important to consider the size, texture and feeling of the painting when considering a frame.

For this work, we stacked two moldings together to create a frame size that is to scale with the painting. There is no rule of how wide a frame must be, but in this case it must be wide enough to cover the borders and strong enough to support the weight of the canvas. The next element to consider is the texture of the painting. This oil painting makes use of impasto techniques and that paint becomes the layers of grass and growth reaching out towards an abundantly thriving pond. For this example, stacking not only creates a frame that is the proper size, but also one that has layers just as the painting does. Texture also exists in the materials chosen for the frame. Distressed wood and gold leafing comprise the frame, all natural looking just like the painting. Finally, the overall aesthetics are important to consider when framing. It is important to choose a frame that will be congruent with the style of the painting.   

The slip moulding is Roma brand, Palladio #760055. This moulding features natural wood fillet aligned with a gold carved hand finished frieze that has a C-Scroll pattern that resembles leaves or grass blowing in the wind and completes the sight edge of the frame. The frieze portion of the sight edge is very delicate. Roma’s website describes it saying: “More than ten layers of colorant, hand-applied leafing, patinas and wax are applied to achieve the desired finish of this highly architectural moulding.” It brightens the painting and the warm tones enhance the subtle lighting that bathes the flowers and reflects off the water. The gold motif portion of the sight edge also breaks up the complimenting woods which add another layer of texture to the overall frame. For the back edge (or principal moulding), Roma Cabane #261059 was used. Roma describes: “Our Cabane mouldings rustic charm, rich hues and subtle highlights of color are hand applied and distressed by skilled artisans whose careful attention to detail evokes the beauty attained only by time and nature.” The thick distressed wood has a warm tone that compliments the rich hues of dark green, purple, and blue found in the painting as well as the hand finished gold and wood of the sight edge. It is solid and sturdy just like the mighty trees that are in the forest behind the pond, and it is in keeping with the natural style of the artwork.  

Overall, the organic ornate sight edge paired with the distressed wood back edge of this frame does not overwhelm the serene scene near the water, but rather encapsulates the jewel tones of the painting like a filigree band holds a brilliant emerald or sapphire. The overall design creates a uniform frame that is classic, natural and elegant.
Framing for "The Water's Edge"  36" x 48" oil on canvas by Yoon:
Inside: Roma Palladio 760055 1 ¾” primitive gold
Outside: Roma Cabane 261059 4” Aged Auberge Brown
©Gina Martinez, Art Consultant, J.R. Mooney Galleries, Boerne, TX
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