Friday, November 27, 2015

Art Consultant's Spotlight: "Watching Proudly" by R. Mizoy

This large majestic oil painting features a Native American warrior sitting on his white steed. The horse stands in shallow water and in the background is the warrior’s village. He wears a halo war bonnet or headdress. These headpieces were originally worn by Plains Indian men who had earned a place of respect in their tribe. The headdress was worn only for special occasions and was a display of courage and honor. They were and still are made of golden eagle feathers and are sometimes painted red to commemorate certain events. To obtain the feathers the men would climb into the golden eagle’s nests and pluck them from the young. Today, in the United States, only enrolled members of a tribe may legally possess eagle feathers as the species is protected. In the past, each feather was earned, either in battle or for a good deed. If the warrior acquired enough feathers one of his family members would sew together the headdress. The warrior had to have the permission of the chief to wear it and only few were awarded this high honor, as a man may collect only two or three eagle feathers during his entire life.

Since the halo war bonnet was worn only during special occasions and by special people, it is likely this warrior is reflecting upon his life while on his way to a ceremony or other tribal event. His headdress has much red painted into it, indicating that he has a lengthy history of heroic deeds. The fact that his horse is white is a symbol of his good character. Together, their physical reflection in the water visually symbolizes personal reflection. The headdress he wears is a testament to the deeds and achievements that created his legacy. He stands erect, alert in front of his village, still the protector. He has fought hard, hunted and worked his entire life to keep his people safe and prosperous as is indicated by the headdress. Now, he takes a moment for silent, proud reflection.
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