Friday, November 27, 2015

Art Consultant's Spotlight: "Where's My Lunch?" by R. Henderson

 R. Henderson’s portrait of a cow is no ordinary farm animal. Instead of the natural browns, whites and greens that one might expect from a traditional bovine painting, the artist uses bold bright colors: reds, purples, and blues to create his animal. This adds an element of excitement to the painting, but there is more to it than just wild colors. Even with a non­-traditional palette, the cow appears realistic. This effect is achieved by the artist through use of a palette knife technique to create texture and dimension in the paint.  The result is a Post-Impressionistic painting with a pop art twist. The psychedelic cow has a life like quality that makes this a fun and lively painting. The electric white paint becomes fur falling around the ears and the soft friendly eyes of the cow. This texture creates dimension and movement. His face is gentle and sweet, begging for a bit of grass as he saunters over to the fence, sticking his head out in expectance of a nibble.
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