Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Art Consultant's Spotlight: "Up Late" Dalhart Windberg

Quietly the night falls in Dalhart Windberg’s oil painting, “Up Late.”  A muted bluish palette, casts a slumberous atmosphere, yet beneath the moon glow ripples softly disturb the reflection of a pond as two ducks swim languidly in unison.  Windberg, known for his immaculate and detailed technique that was inspired by viewing the Old Master’s paintings in Europe has presented a nighttime scene that is true to life.  Windberg’s signature “smooth surface” painting technique is ideal in recreating delicate features of a nocturnal moment such as the slivers of moonlight illuminating the bare branches of trees that encircle the midnight blue pond.   A gentle lunar radiance highlights muted earthy green tufts of grasses that are growing upon the moonlit water's bank, further showcasing Windberg’s eye for capturing detail.  The reflection of the moon brings attention to the two feathered inhabitants of the pond.  The highlighted ripples are zigzagging and leading the eye to travel further back into the distance, across the grassy plain that harbors a variety of reddish browns and golds, towards the horizon, where a couple of dwellings  are nestled in the blue gray shadows,.  A lone light is on in one of the homes, the only indicator of a presence that is awake in this late hour, a time for restorative contemplation.    

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